An unlikely home for heroes

Noddfa, in Main Street Goodwick (3rd house in pic), was the home of John and Douglas Evans.

Both served in Bomber Command during the war and both lived to tell the tale; John after being shot down over Belgium and on the run for 6 months and Doug after continuing to fly during the Berlin Airlift. John’s story formed part of the Welsh War Heroes TV series and was the subject of a short book ‘Airman Missing” by Greg Lewis.

Doug was a member of the original Goodwick Brass Band and is pictured with Penn Lewis talking about the Band’s history.
John is on right of photo of photo 3 with his wife, Jean. Their brother, Cyril, also served in WW2 with the South African Navy.

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  • You’re missing John Henry George OBE, born November 1883 at Ropeyard Walk. Joined the Merchant Navy, qualified as a Master (under sail!), moved to Liverpool at sone point, served during WW2 and awarded an OBE for gallantry during the evacuation of Greece and during the bombing of Alexanderia in 1942.

    Killed by a guided bomb in November 1943.

    Honoured at Tower Hill Memorial and the Battle of the Atlantic Memorial in Liverpool; but forgotten about by his home town…

    By David Smith (11/01/2024)

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