Goodwick Brass Band early days

Early years of the original band, with the trophies already beginning to mount.
Goodwick Brass Band collection
Those who joined up in 1915
Charles Edwards

The first band formed in 1911 and its very first appearance was at the opening of Goodwick School in May 1912 when it led the pupils through the streets of Goodwick to the new building. Many of the players had moved to the area from Neyland to work on the development of the new Harbour.

Mr Morgan D. Lake, headmaster at Goodwick School was the conductor, with practices being held in a corrugated zinc hut at the old laundry cottages in Dyffryn. The hut was lit by oil lamps -if the practice was good the flames would shoot up the wall !

Mr Lake was a hard taskmaster and he would continually admonish them “You play like a circus band!”

First World War

In 1914, the Band held a meeting and decided those of the right age would join the Army as a band. They did this and from Kinmel Park in North Wales they were transferred to France, behind the front line, where they were used as escorts.

At home, the members left behind continued the practices and the band re-formed after the war.

Christmas Cheer

Mr Vincent Johns was President of the band. At Christmas time, the bandsmen would love to play outside his house. They would have tea brought out to them while Mr Lake would be invited in for a swig of something stronger.

Vincent Johns would give £1 or £2 and then ask them to play – “One more piece and give it some drum”

Local events

The band played everywhere -ox roasts in the football field, sports and carnivals including Lower Town and Stop and Call. The band would meet on Goodwick Square and march up the hill and play for a while at the top. They were great on dance music- they played waltzes, fox-trots, you name it, for dances in the Drill Hall and the dances held on the green by the tennis courts on the Parrog on summer evenings.

1936 National Eisteddfod

They were practising day and night to get ready for the Eisteddfod where they were to lead the Druids and Bards and Danny Jones, a cornet player, was to play the long trumpet. For reasons unknown the band disbanded shortly after this event.

It wasn’t until 1986 that the band re-formed but that is another story to tell…..


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