Cross Channel Boats in Fishguard harbour.

Cross Channel Boats in Fishguard harbour
Studio Jon.

A Studio Jon photograph/postcard  showing the cross channel boats in Fishguard harbour, the St David; the Great Western; M.V Innisfallen and St Patrick; the St Andrew.

Was this photograph taken in the 60s? Does anyone know?

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  • I lived next door to Captain Kelly, who was Captain of the St David ferry to Rosslare. I believe he was a captain on that route throughout the war years. Also living in the same location were Mr & Mrs Yeomans from Stourbridge. He was,I believe, the Harbour master.
    Opposite us was a grocery store run by A M Lewis. Cyril Lewis was my Godfather and his son was Alan – same age as myself. A very musical family. Verney Lewis was a lifeboat man. Between them they opened a cinema behind the shop by converting an old bake house ( I think). They would paint film titles showing on their shop window.
    I recall the St Patrick and the Innisfallen and a visit to the bay by HMS Howe – aircraft carrier @ 1949.
    I left the area in 1953 having celebrated the Queen’s coronation that year with a street party that June in Pen Cw.

    By Richard Yorke (01/11/2023)
  • All the ships featured were operating from Fishguard at some time during the 1960s. “St David” to Rosslare until 1972; “Inisfallen” to Cork until 1968; “St Patrick” winter relief sailings to Rosslare until 1963; “Great Western” to Waterford until 1966 (photo shows “St David” in the background. Pictures themselves taken over a longer period. “Inisfallen” for example has the funnel colours of the British & Irish Steam Packet Co, which she wore only until 1953 when replaced by those of the City of Cork Steam Packet Co. (white with black top).

    By Rob Willatts (27/02/2023)
  • Must have been taken during late 59 and early 60’s. I was a crew member on The Great Western 61/62 and I think she left Fishguard Harbour about 1966.

    By Gareth Reynolds. (27/02/2023)

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