Fishguard Bay Yacht Club Members out sailing

Pictured are Fishguard Bay Yacht Cub members enjoying sailing near the Fort and the  Northern Breakwater in Fishguard Bay. Can anyone recognise the yachts or remember who owned them? Were the smaller craft called “Red Wings?”

Yacht Club Members out for trip
Janet Thomas
Yacht Club members sailing near the Fort
Janet Thomas
Yacht Club Members sailing near the Northern Breakwater.
Janet Thomas

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  • @At 5he time of this picture, Kittiwake, blue hull red and white Genoa was owned by me. I had just bought it from Carey Rickards and it was my first race, abandoned after an hour, no wind! The date was 1987 I had just moved to St.Nicholas.
    Geoffrey Asson. Commodore 1991

    By Geoffrey Asson (21/11/2023)
  • In the top picture, Kittiwake was a boat owned by Cary Rickards and Helios was owned by Peter Nichols who can be seen standing up in his swimming shorts.

    The bottom two pictures show a fleet of Redwing dinghies taking part in the Redwing National Championships which were held in Fishguard in August 1998 and August 1991. There was one Redwing based at Fishguard but the bulk of the fleet came from Tenby and Looe

    By David Williams (29/09/2023)

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