Treletert yn y 30au / Letterston in the 30s

11-3-1937 The County Echo
11-3-1937 The County Echo
11-3-1937 The County Echo
1937 . Ydych chi'n gwbod ble yn y pentre roedd 'Evans Bros? / Do you know where 'Evans Bros' were located in Letterston?

Ym mis Medi 1932 cynhaliwyd ail Eisteddfod Blynyddol Treletert. Un ymhlith cannoedd o ddigwyddiadau cymdeithasol yn y cyfnod oedd hwn. Hefyd, mae yma hysbysebion am fusnesau a oedd yn bwysig i’r ardal.  Wes gan rhywun luniau o siopau/busnesau  neu ddigwyddiadau yn Nhreletert o’r ganrif a fu?  Cysylltwch â ni os ydych yn hapus i’w rhannu. Diolch.

In September 1932, the second Letterston Annual Eisteddfod was held in the village.  This was just one among a great variety of social events arranged during the decade. Also in this little collection there are adverts for local businesses. Do you have any photos of cultural activities or shops/businesses n the village from the 1900s? Please contact us if you are willing to share them. Thank you.

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  • There was a shoe shop on the Square when I was a child, think it was owned by Mr and Mrs Jenkins and their son? Did they later build the large house in between Spring Gardens road and Roy Harries’ house?

    By Liz Bowyer (24/01/2023)

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