Unknown musicians / Dirgel gerddorion!

Cerddorion dirgel / Unknown musicians.
Nid oes unrhyw gliwiau ynglŷn â lleoliad y ffotograff hwn, ond gallai’r dyddiad fod tua 1910-1915! Mae wedi bod yn bosibl adnabod dau o’r cerddorion, Mr John Gough gyda’r drwm, sy’n sefyll ar yr dde, a’r ddynes sy’n eistedd yn bedwerydd o’r dde, yw Ray Evans. Ffurfiwyd Cymdeithas Gerddorfaol Abergwaun yn 1904 dan arweiniad Mr Thomas Lewis YH, a oedd yn perfformio cyngherddau yn aml yn y Neuadd Ddirwestol. A allai hwn fod yn llun ohonyn nhw? Dyma erthygl am eu Cyngerdd Dydd Gwyl Dewi yn 1906 o ‘The County Echo’ – 8 Mawrth 1906.There are no clues to the location of this photograph, but the date could be around 1910-1915!  It has been possible to identify two of the musicians, Mr John Gough with the drum, stands on the far RHS,  and the lady sitting fourth from the RHS, is Ray Evans.

There was a Fishguard Orchestral Society formed in 1904 under the baton of Mr Thomas Lewis JP, who performed regular concerts often in the Temperance Hall.

Could this be  a photo of them? Here is an article detailing their  St David’s day Concert in 1906 from ‘The County Echo’ – 8 March 1906.


The Temperance Hall held a most appreciative and numerous audience on Thursday evening last, when a concert was given by the Fishguard Orchestral Society to celebrate St. David’s Day. Mr J C Yorke, J. P., Langton, presided, and opened the excellent programme of vocal and orchestral items by remarking that the Orchestral Society deserved the hearty support of the public, for it aimed at fostering a love of high-class instrumental music among the people. Nothing was more inspiring and it was one of the many blessings they enjoyed. Among the vocalists were Miss M Thomas, Mrs Lewis Williams, and Mr W Bateman, and the piano accompanists, assisting Miss Ruby Davies, Paris House, were Miss Roberts, B.A., and Miss A M Tavner.— The orchestra comprised the following First violins, Messrs F M Gye, T E Jenkins, G L Blackburn, H Colin Jenkins; second violins, Miss Tavner, Miss Nellie Clifford, Miss G Reynolds, A.T.C.L, Miss Anita Harries and Mr W J Vaughan; violincello, Mr G Lewis; bass violin, Mr T Jones; flutes, Messrs J P Reynolds, W Bartlett and WJ Richards; piccolo, Mr D Osborne; cornet, Mr J Griffiths; all under the able conductorship of Mr Lewis.
Everyone without exception won favour by distinct merit, the soloists being ‘encored’ repeatedly while the orchestral selections charmed the assemblage throughout.
The programme was as follows :— Overture, ‘National wreath,’ The Orchestra; violin solo, Mr Gye; song, ‘Hen Walia, Gwlad y Gân,’ Mr Bateman; picollo solo, -‘The Linnett,’ Mr Osborne; song, ‘For all Eternity,’ Mrs Capt Williams; solo stroh violin, ‘Killarney,’ Mr D Osborne; overture,  ‘The Caliph of Bagdad,’ The Orchestra; gavotte, (a) ‘Semplice’ (b) ‘Etherial’, The Orchestra; piccolo solo, ‘The deep blue sea,’ Mr Osborne; song, ‘The Holy City,’ Miss Thomas; violin solo,  ‘Largo,’ Mr Gye; song, ‘I Godi’r Wlâd yn Ôl,’ Mr Bateman; overture,  ‘Snowdon,’ The Orchestra; Finale, ‘Hen Wlad fy Nhadau,’ and ‘God save the King.’
Each vocal item was enhanced by orchestral accompaniment capitally executed and showing surprising improvement since the former inaugural concert last year, their performance reflecting credit upon themselves and the conductor, Mr T. Lewis, chemist. The hon. treasurer asks us to state that as several of those present were inadvertently admitted without having tickets, he would be like to hear from them as the concert was scarcely a financial success.

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  • The lady sitting third from the right is my grandmother Ray Evans. Her father moved the family to Fishguard in about 1910/1911 – so narrows the photo date down a tiny bit.

    Mam, as she was known to all of us, was born in the early 1880s, so this photo would be of her in her 30s/maybe 40s. She had seven children, my dad (Studio Jon) being the youngest, and lived in Vergam Terrace from about mid 1920s to her death in 1970s.

    By Gaynor (23/01/2022)

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