Dirgelwch Glyn-y-mêl Mystery

Casgliad Mrs Y Channon Collection
Llun bach aneglur ond diddorol yw hwn. Mae’n bosib adnabod y lleoliad  gan nad yw wedi newid fawr ddim ers canrif. Saif y ceffylau ar y troad, lan tua’r Plâs, ond heb fod ym mhell o bont y Cwm. Ond, mae pwy, pryd a pham yn ddirgelwch.

Mae’r gwisgoedd yn ddiddorol – yr hetiau a’r clogyn. Efallai hyn yw’r allwedd i ddatrys y dirgelwch. Oes syniade gyda chi? A yw’r llun o gyfnod y Rhyfel Mawr neu yn dystiolaeth o weithgarwch ddiweddarach ar gyfer un o’r ffilmiau a saethwyd yn yr ardal ?

This is a small, blurry, but nevertheless  interesting photograph. It is possible to recognize the location as it has changed little in a century. The horsemen are standing at the very corner, going up to Glyn-y-mêl  Road, not far from Lower Town bridge. But, who, when and why remains a mystery.

The style of their hats and cloak are perhaps a key to solving the mystery. Do you have any ideas? Might the picture be related to recruitment for the Great War or a record of later “on location” activity  for one of the films shot in the area?

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  • Perhaps, rather than assuming the riders are dressed up, we should see this as normal wet weather equestrian attire. The road surface is wet. Both riders are wearing hats (possibly fastened under the chin) and the man is wearing a riding cape. The woman might have riding boots? They could be guests at Glynamel determined to make the most of their stay whatever the weather. There appears to be a horse and cart behind them but that would be quite normal for the time presumably early 20thC.

    By Natasha de Chroustchoff (17/08/2023)

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