The Musland: Lower Fishguard

cna21260 View of the Musland

This view of the Musland area looking back towards the bridge and main road. In the background on the LHS, can be seen the “Skirmisher” building now used as a training base for the local sea cadets.  This large building was once used as a store house.

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  • The building now known as TS Skirmisher was originally built at the direction of Lieut. Samuel Fenton, a fomer naval officer who settled in Fishguard in the late 18th century. He realised that if the herring catch was cured in the continental style the fish could be traded to Europe. To this end he had the harbour improved by building the breakwater, quay and warehouse and for several years the trade in herrings was very profitable. Unfortunately however, the shoals moved away at the end of the 18thC. and never returned in such numbers.

    By Natasha de Chroustchoff (29/12/2021)

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