1936 - Gorsedd Stone heading to Fishguard from St Nicholas

Lynne Kelleher

1936 – carrying the Gorsedd stone from St Nicholas to the Gorsedd Circle at Penslade, Fishguard.

The engine was owned by G & J Lewis of Mathry

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  • An interesting and amusing account of the delivery of the Logan stone from St Nicholas can be found in the book Schoolin’s Log by Llewelyn Jones (1980). The author grew up in the village, the son of the schoolmaster, and the stories he tells, possibly not a little fictionalised, are humorous and endearing. According to him the chosen Logan Stone (a great honour for the village that supplied it) had an accident en route to Penslade: it fell off the cart near Ffynnon Druidion Farm, broke in two and was abandoned there. A substitute was quickly found (provenance not revealed) and conveyed to the Cylch Gorsedd without further mishap.

    By Natasha de Chroustchoff (09/05/2022)

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