Cerrig Gorsedd 1936 Eisteddfod Gorsedd Stones

Lleolir y cerrig hyn ar benrhyn  Penslâd. Roeddent yn ganolog i seremoniau Gorsedd  Eisteddfod 1936. Rhoddwyd pob carreg gan blwyf lleol ac mae pob un wedi’i harysgrifio ag enw’r plwyf.

Cerdyn post a argraffwyd ar gyfer Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 1936 yw’r ail lun – mae’r ffordd o amgylch y pentir i’w gweld yn glir, a dim ond ym 1911 y crëwyd y ffordd.

These stones sited at the end of Penslade were central to the Bardic ceremony held for the 1936 Eisteddfod. Each stone was donated by a local parish and all are inscribed with the parish of their origin.

The second image is a postcard printed for the 1936 National Eisteddfod – the road around the headland is clearly visible, the road having only been created in 1911.


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  • With regard to the ‘central slab’, it is known as the Logan Stone and serves as the platform for the Archdruid to make announcements.
    In this case the Logan Stone originally destined for the circle did not survive the journey from St Nicholas but fell off the wagon and broke near Ffynnon Druidion. (This is described in the book Schoolin’s Log by Llewelyn Jones, 1980). A replacement was quickly supplied, its provenance not recorded. However a glance at the Logan Stone will reveal that it is formed by the volcanic process known as columnar jointing, caused by the rapid cooling of volcanic material. Since these formations can be found in the cliffs below Penslade it can be assumed that that Logan Stone came from very close by.

    By Natasha de Chroustchoff (30/01/2023)
  • Each of the fourteen standing stones is inscribed with its parish of origin. Starting from the north and reading clockwise they are:
    Casmael (Puncheston).
    Trefdraeth (Newport).
    Casnewydd Bach (Little Newcastle).
    Llanfair-Nant-Y-Gof (Trecwn).
    Castell Henri (Henry’s Moat).
    Abergwaun (Fishguard).
    Nanhyfer (Nevern).
    Treletert (Letterston).
    The central slab came from Tremarchog (St. Nicholas)

    By Len Urwin (20/01/2023)

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