1797 - Last Invasion / Glaniad y Ffrancod

If asked, many people will say the last invasion of Britain took place in 1066 with the Battle of Hastings but this is not true. The last invasion of Britain actually took place when in February 1797 French ships led by American, William Tate landed at Carreg Wastad, just outside of Fishguard. Troops gathered to repel the invaders and with the support of local militia and even those who lived in the area, the French were overcome. The invasion was short lived, lasting  but a few days with the French unconditionally surrendering on Goodwick Beach.

The effects of the invasion however, were felt country wide and with rumours abounding, investors panicked and demanded their money from the banks. In order to satisfy demand, the Bank of England issued the first £1 note.

During this time a heroine was born in the shape of Jemima Nicholas who was a shoemaker in Fishguard. It is said that single handed, she rounded up and arrested, half a dozen French soldiers. Together with other local women, all dressed in their traditional tall black hats and red cloaks, Jemima marched around a local hilltop and sufficiently fooled the watching Frenchmen into believing more British troops had arrived - thus hastening their decision to surrender.

Over the following 225 years celebrations have taken place to commemorate the successful repelling of the invaders and in this topic area you will find articles telling the stories of how this has been achieved.