Fishguard - Mine dropped on Illuminated Town

Mine dropped on Illuminated Town.
County Echo. Sept 25th 1941.
"We will Remember"
the late Roy J Lewis Trefin
Pieces of shrapnel collected by Roy Lewis
Natasha de Chroustchoff

The County Echo of September 25th 1941 reported the first raid upon the town of Fishguard and the resulting effects and casualties, unfortunately some fatal.

The more detailed article “We will Remember” was written by the late Roy J Lewis of Trefin.

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  • Interested folk might like to know that Ein Hanes heritage centre on the Square has on display the remains of the mine, in the form of some fragments of metal that were collected by Roy Lewis following the explosion. Ever the keen collector (and future local historian), Roy mitched off school in order to scavenge for debris. He donated the small cardboard box (neatly labelled) in which he had kept them for over 50 years to Ein Hanes not long before he died.

    By Natasha de Chroustchoff (17/07/2022)

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