West Street Fishguard.

West Street
Fishguard Bay Hotel Collection

This  photograph shows part of Vergam Terrace where it joins the lower part of West Street, a little girl stands in the doorway of her home on the RHS, watching the photographer. Oliver’s shoe shop sign and shop doorway can be seen further along on the same side.

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  • Think you are probably right about the date !

    By Hilary Roscoe (27/02/2022)
  • There look to be two shops on the rhs row, one window which looks like it has goods and signs (immediate right) and there’s a sign for “AR Peck” about half way down – towards Olivers – on rhs. I do remember an antique shop in the 1970s – somewhere near where the AR Peck sign is in this photo.

    Looking at the clothing of the little girl, I’d say the photo might be even earlier – maybe 1900/1910s?

    By Gaynor (27/02/2022)

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