Tower Hill, Fishguard

Tower Hill

The cottage and house on the left still exist in a very similar form today. The house with the outside staircase however is no longer there as it is on the site of Pentower and The Towers.

The original Pentower was the childhood home of Sir Evan Jones so it is probable that this is the building with the outside staircase.  Sir Evan appears to have inherited the property and subsequently had Pentower built in its present form. In recent years it has been split to form a number of individual properties however in Sir Evan’s time, it was one large impressive house.

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  • The building on the left I believe is now called Rock House, when it was the home of my family (my grandfather was James Thomas Williams) he called it Llys y Graig (Court of the Rock). I’d love to know more about the history of this house.

    By Liz Carnell (21/02/2023)

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