The Lower Half of High Street, Fishguard.

The Lower Half of High Street. Fishguard
Fishguard Bay Hotel Collection

Today, several changes can be seen from this 1940s view of the bottom of High Street , Fishguard.  The Echo Office building has been incorporated into the Cartref Hotel premises, the Dry Cleaners is no more, also  the fence surrounding Fontane House on the LHS, the ornamental ironwork framing the gateway and steps of Hermon chapel and the large chestnut tree in Hermon Chapel grounds no longer exist. This whole section of the bottom half of High Street  has been incorporated into the new one way system around Fishguard, only allowing traffic to drive up the street from the square.


The chestnut tree had to be felled fairly recently (2009) as it was deemed to be a danger to high sided vehicles!

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  • The chestnut tree at Capel Hermon was felled in April 2009, after having been found to be structurally unsafe. It was deemed to be around 200 years old. What a shame it hasn’t been replaced by an alternative tree perhaps a little further from the road.

    By Natasha de Chroustchoff (21/02/2022)

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