Parc Y Shwt, Fishguard

Parc Y Shwt, Fishguard abt. 1910.
A 1917 Tractor located outside the garages of Parc Y Shwt Car Park. Photo was taken by Tony Harries in the 1970's.

Parc Y Shwt, also recorded as Parc Y Shut, Shut Street, Little Lane and Park Y Shut, dates back to the early 1700’s (possibly earlier). It originally consisted of around 15 houses. The original houses were located along the perimeter of where the current car park stands, along with the 4 remaining houses in the street. The houses were all rented properties and housed multiple families from the years 1700 – 1940.

The extra houses located in the field were later knocked down around 1850 and were turned in to stables, which were owned by a lady named Mary Anne Lloyd of Ffynnonstown Farm (Now The Point Youth Centre). The land was listed as ‘Meadows’ on the Archwilio website.

In 1950, a local historian looked into the origin of the name Parc Y Shwt and translated it to ‘Field Of Streams’. As underneath the former field (Now the Car Park), contained multiple streams that ran down the lane into the town which formed a ‘SHWT’ which was a clear and drinkable water source for the town.

All that is left to the present day is the 4 remaining houses, which still contain the original stone walls of the houses from the 1700’s.

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  • It may have been also referred to as Water Street. There have been many similar names as it all depended on who was surveying the census / maps.

    By Andrew Harries (09/06/2023)
  • Thanks Andrew – really interesting to read. During your research, have you ever come across it being referred to as Water Street or was that somewhere else. I think there is mention on 1881 census of a Water Street close to Market Square and I wondered if it was an alternative name for Parc y Shwt

    By Hilary Roscoe (09/06/2023)

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