Fishguard Electricity Supply c. 1929

My grandfather, JR Parkington, designed and installed Newcastle-Emlyn’s first electricity supply in the early 1900s using turbines powered from the river Teifi.

Around 1929 he began a scheme for Fishguard as described in pages 8088 and 8089 of the “London Gazette” dated 7 December 1928 (attached). Some work was evidently carried out as shown in the two photos I’ve attached. The first was taken in VergamTerrace but I can’t place the second. My grandfather is standing on the right in both photos. (I don’t know what today’s OH&S people would make of it!)

I understand the scheme failed because my grandfather badly underestimated the costs, and he lost a lot of money over it.

I’d be most interested to know if you have any material relating to this in your archives or in council records, etc – it must have been newsworthy at the time. Also, have you any idea where Furlong’s Buildings were located in Main Street?

Best regards from a hot and sunny Western Australia!


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  • Hi Clive,
    Thank you for this article – we have got a copy of the image of Vergam Terrace already on the website but we didnt have the back story about your grandfather. He looks a fine gentleman in his plus fours- The second photo is on Penslade, looking back towards West Street.

    By Hilary Roscoe (29/01/2023)

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