The Golden Mile / Y Wesh

The Golden Mile. Fishgard.
Goodwick House, Fishguard
Barry Thomas

In this view of the Golden Mile, taken in the 60s, some  of the businesses of that time can be seen. Behind the lorry making it’s way up to the square, is Bowen Griffiths’ shoe shop, and across the entrance to the  old junior school on the RHS, can be seen the frontages of Midland Garage;  Goodwick House (Grocers); E.H James (Shoe Shop); and the clothiers Francis A Davies (Paris House). The blinds are down on two of the shops; could this be because it is a Wednesday afternoon which was early closing day or before 9 a.m in the morning?

Hen enw ar yr ardal yw Y Wesh. Mae hen bennillion sy’n cofnodi ardaloedd  a strydoedd y dre yn dangos hanes a newid mewn enwau dros y degawdau.

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  • Could the blinds be down to block the sun light for some reason?

    By M Thomas (24/01/2022)

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