Sanau! Socks!

Cywiro sanau / darning socks
'The County Echo' 16-8-1894 A poem in praise of Fishguard stockings
'Y Werin' 20-4-1895 Hysbyseb am ddosbarthiadau cywiro sanau i ddynion An article from a Welsh newspaper advertising darning lessons for men, in London.
Slawer dydd byddai pawb yn barnu dilledyn yn ôl ei barhâd. Erbyn hyn, â ffasiwn heddi yn cael ffling fory, mae’n anodd deall sut y bu cywiro sanau, gostwng hem a gwinio patshyn mor bwysig.

Yn y gerdd hon o 1894, mae’n amlwg bod ‘sanau Abergwaun’ yn cael eu gwerthfawrogi gan un o lôwyr ‘y gweithie’. Ond, pwy oedd ‘Morgan’ ac Enoch? Diddorol yw clywed bod yr arwydd ar y siop â llun y sanau arno.

Mae’n siwr taw crwt lleol we’r bardd, wedi ‘mynd bant i’r gweithie’, fel nifer o grwts yr ardal, oherwydd we’r tâl wrth gloddio’r graig yn uwch na thâl am arddid y tir.

Years ago, people measured the quality of a garment by its longevity. Today, when the fashion is to wear today, fling tomorrow, it is difficult to understand why socks were once darned, hems let down and patches applied.

In this poem from 1894, in praise of socks and stockings sold by ‘Morgan’ of Fishguard, it is obvious that the poet – a collier – finds them indispensable in the testing conditions at the coal face. He urges his work mates to invest in them as work and leisure wear. He also mentions silk stockings for the ladies and a striking street sign at Morgan’s shop.

The poet was probably a local lad who, like many of his peers, tried his luck at finding work in the Valleys at a time when colliers were paid more than farm labourers.



Poem translation – Come lads and lusty colliers, from the Valleys bring your ladies. No matter long or short your step, to ‘Morgan’s’ for your hosieries

He has stockings of all types, socks of every size and hue, For every leg – the long or short, Morgan will supply to you.

Socks to suit your pocket, no matter what your need,    Wool or silk, for work or play, a bargain, yes indeed.

On his sign two woollen socks, and of silk a stocking long, So if Enoch does not praise, you will know that he is wrong ONE OF THE COLLIERS.

Translation of article – MEN DARNING SOCKS.

Notice is given that in one part of London classes are set up to teach men how to repair socks. In one recent paper it was reported that hundreds of London men were throwing away their used socks once a hole showed itself in the heel or so on. So classes were set up to teach some of them to do the work themselves. The men are sent invitations, and they come into the rooms with old socks. Each is given a chair, provided with needles and yarns, and then the young ladies are around to teach them, and the work is said to be very successful.

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