Charles Edwards' photography shop and studio

Charles Edwards' shop

Charles Edwards, a professional photographer, was born in 1860 in St Dogwells and died in November 1931 in Fishguard.  His shop and premises are still in use today as a busy charity shop, and stands on the corner in West Street overlooking the “Golden Mile”. In 1911, his daughter, Lilian Edwards was also a photographer, presumably working in the shop,  and he employed a lady, Cecilia Parsons, who was a “Photographic Artist and Retoucher”.

According to the County Echo the  address is “Castle Hill, 11, West Street, Fishguard” and  the  business is advertised as having “The most modern Appliances for the production of Good Work” also  “Portraits, Group Photographs, and a large assortment of Picture Frames -Made to Order”

Many of the photographs taken by Charles Edwards still survive today. Some of the photographs were what are referred to as Carte de Visite and were the size of a traditional calling card – hence the name. They consisted of a portrait (either head and shoulders or full length) mounted on card and usually printed on the reverse with the photographer’s details. Charles Edwards also took topographical images and photos of special occasions and those of which survive give a wonderful record of life around the turn of the twentieth century.

The studio windows are still in place and look down over the “Golden Mile” and a greatly altered Fishguard.

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  • You’re right Janet – the other door was where you say it is. I just looked at the picture of the Golden Mile in this collection and there’s another window, not a door, that faced the GM on ground level.

    By Gaynor (30/01/2022)
  • Yes, Des Hewitt did have his greengrocer’s shop in this premises in the 60’s, and a lady called Mrs Francis helped in the shop. I cannot remember there being a door facing the Golden Mile, I always thought the other door opened out on the other side, opposite the front door, where it is today.

    By Janet Thomas (29/01/2022)
  • Was that where Des Hewitt had his greengrocer’s shop in the 60s? There was another doorway facing the Golden Mile in those days too – if this is the same place.

    By Gaynor (28/01/2022)

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