"The Commercial Hotel" Fishguard / Abergwaun

Commercial Hotel - 26-5-1904
County Echo 16-6-1904
Llun 1 – Yma gwelir hysbyseb ar gyfer arwerthiant yn y gwesty mwyaf canolog i dref Abergwaun – sef y ‘Commercial’. (Erbyn hyn mae’n cael ei adnabod fel yr ‘Abergwaun Hotel’). Mae’r disgrifiad o’r hyn sy’n cael ei gynnig yn ocsiwn 1904 yn dangos sut y mae bywydau a dulliau teithio pobl wedi newid! Mae’n amlwg fod y perchnogion yn gweld dydd y ceffyl a’r cart yn dirwyn i ben.


Llun 2 – Mae’r ail erthygl yn disgrifio ymwelwyr i’r dre, yr Haf hwnnw (1904), yn teithio mewn ceir. Mae’r disgrifiad yn un diddorol iawn!

Ac isod, mae erthygl o 1919, sy’n egluro mai’r cam nesa tuag at drafnidiaeth yr oes fodern oedd prynu char-a-banc!

Photo 1 – Here is an advert from ‘The County Echo’ for an auction at a hotel located at the very heart of Fishguard. (What was then ‘The Commercial Hotel’ is now known as the ‘Abergwaun Hotel’). This 1904 description of the ‘Posting Business’ shows us how people’s lives and modes of transport have changed considerably! It is obvious that the owners of the business have seen that more modern modes of transport are the way ahead.

Photo 2 – The second article describes motorists arriving at Fishguard that very same summer (1904). It makes interesting reading!

And finally, below, an article from 1919 shows that investment in a char-a-banc was the next step!

Fishguard Motor Service.


The Misses Rees, of The Commercial Hotel, Fishguard, have shown commendable enterprise in purchasing a motor char-a-banc which will be run to and from Goodwick Railway Station for the convenience of the public at a most  reasonable charge.

Such a conveyance has long been needed for the town, in view of the long distance to the station, and the steep hill at Windy Hall and in introducing a regular daily service to meet the incoming and departing trains, the Misses Rees are rendering a valuable service to the local community.

It is hoped that they will have the full support and encouragement of the public in their enterprise. The charabanc will leave the Market Square at the following times daily:-

At 9.55 a.m. to meet the incoming train at 10.7 a.m. and the train departing at 10.20 a.m.

At 11.55 a.m. to meet the incoming train at 12.8 p.m., and the outgoing train at 12.25.

At 2.30 to meet the express train which arrives at about 2.40 p.m.

At 7.30 p.m. to meet the train arriving at 7.43 p.m.

The char-a-banc will stop opposite Vergam Stores, West street on each journey to pick up passengers: The fare to Goodwick from the Square will be 1 shilling.

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