Cyflenwad dwr yn cyrraedd Abergwaun / Piped water supply reaches Fishguard

Turning on of the water

Mae’r llun yn dangos y cyffro ymysg trigolion y dre wrth i’r cyflenwad dwr gael ei dderbyn am y tro cyntaf, rhywle cyn dechrau’r Rhyfel Mawr. Ydych chi’n gweld y dwr yn saethu i’r awyr? Roedd un wraig wedi ‘styried ymlaen llaw, ac wedi cofio dod ag ymarel!

The picture shows the interest and excitement among locals when the first supply of piped water is connected, sometime before the start of World War 1. Can you see the water spraying into the air? One lady gave the matter some forethought and brought an umbrella!

6-1-1899. The South Wales Daily News                                                                                              “FISHGUARD WATER AND GAS SUPPLY                                                           A Bill for supplying with water and GAS to the parishes of Fishguard, Manorowen, and Llanwnda has been deposited for next Session. By this Bill it is proposed to incorporate a company by the name of “The Fishguard Water and Gas Company,” with powers to construct a reservoir with dam and filter beds in certain fields partly in the parish of Llanllawer and partly in the parish of Llanychllwydog, near the farmhouses known as Trepwll and Clyngath. From this reservoir a line of pipes will be laid to a service reservoir in Fishguard, and it is proposed “to enact that water supplied under this Act need not be supplied in any case at a level above that at which water can be supplied by gravitation from the service reservoir.” The gas works are proposed to be erected on about two acres of land at Goodwick Bridge, Fishguard. The promoters of this scheme are Mr Robert Worthington, Mr Charles Hibbert Binney, and Mr William Bentham Martin, who, with two other persons to be nominated by them,  are to form the first board of directors. The capital of the company is fixed as £16,000 in 16,000 shares of £1 each. Upon this capital the company may borrow a further sum of £4,000. The time sought for the completion of the proposed works is five years from the passing of the Act, but if, after the expiration of that period, the company are not furnishing or prepared on demand to furnish a sufficient supply of water, then the local authority may provide a supply in the whole or any part of their district. The rates for the supply of water are fixed on a graduated scale, and the maximum price of gas is not to exceed 6s per 1,000 cubic feet.”

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