Ysgol Tredafydd School - 1977

a happy reunion
Sian Jenkins

Tredafydd School celebrated its centenary in 1977 and a group of former pupils took the opportunity to have a reunion. Judging by the beaming faces, all enjoyed reminiscing in the sunshine of a glorious afternoon in June.

Emlyn Evans who had been a pupil during the early 1920s commemorated the special event by writing a poem of his school time memories. With thanks to his son Graham for permission to reproduce it here.

Tredafydd School Centenary June 1977

This dear little school
On the brow of the hill
One hundred years old
But is with us still.

The memories I have
So sweet to re-call,
Mr Hale at his desk,
I can picture it all.

Mrs Hale at her blackboard
With pointer in hand,
We all did obey
To her word of command.

I remember Miss Harris
Miss Rees as well –
And the way she rang
That little brass bell.

And there by the fire –
Oh, I remember it grand,
We warmed our tea
On a little black stand.

And Sam the black donkey,
The things we would do
There was always room
On his back for two.

These things I have cherished
Of the bygone years,
These lines I have written
Are all blended with tears.

Mr Hale and his children
On each Sabbath Day
To Jordanston Church
They would wend their way.

Now things have changed
In so many ways,
To me, I’m sure,
They were good old days.

This little school of ours,
The place we all do love,
Good luck be with it always,
With blessings from above.

Emlyn Evans, Hendre Fach, Jordanston June 1977



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