The last class at Henner School -1940 - Dosbarth olaf Ysgol Henner

The last class at Henner School 1940 -Dosbarth olaf Ysgol Henner.
Keith Bean
Miss Ruthy James - 'Y Llien Gwyn' (Hydref / October 2000)

(Gwelir y Gymraeg isod)

Apart from Johnny Morris who was absent on that day, the teacher and all the pupils  of Henner School can be named. / Yn anffodus, roedd Johnny Morris yn absennol y dwarnod hwn, ond gellir enwi pawb arall sydd yn y llun.

Rhes gefn / Back Row L-R: Miss Ruth James, Head Teacher; Idwal Morse, Tai Bach; Glyn Griffiths, Pontiago; Betty Harries, Fron Haul; Bowen George, Llyseurig; Trevor Evans, Garn Gowil; Nora Ryan, Good Hope; Nesta Nicholas, Harmony.

Canol / centre; Leonard Griffiths, Pontiago;  Brynmor Morris, Ty Isaf; Ken Harries, Carreg Llwyd; Jimmy Morris, Ty Isaf; Gwilym George, Llyseurig.

Blaen / Front L-R; William Henry Thomas, Gilfach; Ronald Davies, Castell; Randall Davies, Castell; Glyn Davies, Garn Gron; Pauline Lewis, Bryn Mor; Joyce Morse, Tai Bach; Brenda Griffiths, Pontiago.

(Gwelir y Gymraeg isod)

The Head teacher, Miss Ruth (Ruthie) James, lived at Carnhedryn , near St Davids. In her youth, she always cycled to her various teaching posts in the North of the County. She was also head teacher at Llandeloy and Carnhedryn Schools. She was a J.P. for a quarter of a century and served as secretary to the Bible Society in St Davids district for 46 years. During that time she co-ordinated the fund raising activities which were always successful. She was a deacon and treasurer at Caerfarchell Chapel.

Yr oedd Pennaeth yr ysgol, Miss Ruth(Ruthie) James yn byw yng Ngharnhedryn ger Tyddewi. Yr oedd hi’n hoffi teithio i’r gwaith, yn ysgolion Gogledd Penfro, ar gefn ei beic. Bu hefyd yn brifathrawes yn Ysgolion Llanlwy a Charnhedryn. Bu’n Y.H. am chwarter canrif a gwasanaethodd fel ysgrifennydd Cymdeithas y Beiblau yn ardal Tyddewi am 46 mlynedd. Yn ystod y cyfnod hwnnw bu’n cydlynu’r gweithgareddau codi arian a oedd bob amser yn llwyddiannus. Bu’n ddiacon ac yn drysorydd yng Nghapel Caerfarchell.


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  • Shwmae Gaynor, Hilary ac Eleanor, I remember visiting Capt & Mrs James and discussing his childhood in Ysgeifog and his career on sea. I’m sure I wrote something down….. I’ll try to find it! Diolch ledis!

    By Hedydd Hughes (11/09/2022)
  • Hi Gaynor – yes that is the same Ruthy James – her sister, Ella (well into her nineties at the time) went up to St Fagans to the official reopening of her father’s clog workshop.

    By Hilary Roscoe (08/09/2022)
  • Was Ruthy James one of the James family at Skyfog?

    We lived next door to Captain Bleddyn James in Heol Dewi – he’d retired there after a long naval career with his wife Mary. Mary passed many years ago and Bleddyn passed away in his 90s. He was a lovely man.

    His dad had made clogs and had the green tin shed that I think was in Croesgoch for many a year before it was moved up to the St Fagans museum.

    I seem to remember the Captain telling dad his sister was a teacher.

    By Gaynor (08/09/2022)
  • Thank you for your comments – I also remember Miss Ruthy James but only when she was quite elderly as she was a member of Fishguard Library and used to visit regularly.

    By Hilary Roscoe (04/09/2022)
  • Miss Ruthy James, I do not think she was ever called Ruth, lived at Ysgeifiog Farm, down the lane opposite Carnhedryn School. One of a large family. I have just added some comments on the Ysgol Carnhedryn photo, I have several photos of pupils. Carnhedryn is also known as Boncath, locals would say Ysgol Bwncath, where we went. Miss Ruthy James, a brilliant teacher. Will add more information about the school, get friends who also went there, and my family years ago, to you. Gwaith gwych, excellent work.

    By Eleanor Beynon (04/09/2022)

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