Hanes Llangloffan - Llangloffan history

Parchg / Rev Evan Davies Llangloffan
Ietau Coffa ym mynwent Llangloffan / Memorial gates at Llangloffan cemetery
Gweinidog a deaconiaid Llangloffan yn 1956 / Minister and deacons at Llangloffan 1956
Bedd y Parchg Henry Davies a’i wraig, Mary, o Dresisyllt, sydd ym mynwent Capel Harmoni. Bu’r Parchg Davies yn weinidog ar Gapel Llangloffan am 51 o flynyddoedd. / The grave of the Revd Henry Davies and his wife, Mary, at Harmoni cemetery. Revd Davies was minister at Llangloffan Chapel for 51 years.

Cyhoeddwyd y llyfr bach, clawr meddal hwn, am hanes Capel Llangloffan, gan y Parch. Richard Edwards, Gweinidog y Bedyddwyr, Llangloffan, ac argraffwyd ef gan W.H. John, Solfach, 1932.

Mae’r llyfr yn dilyn hanes y capel o ddechrau’r 18fed ganrif hyd adeg ei gyhoeddi, gan gynnwys bywgraffiadau cyn weinidogion y capel.

Evan Davies (Gweinidog Llangloffan o 1874 hyd ei farw, Rhagfyr 1909) oedd tad Vincent Davies, a agorodd siop groser fechan o’r enw ‘Pioneer Stores’, yn Bridge Street, Hwlffordd yn 1906. Heddiw fe’i gelwir yn Siop Adrannol Vincent Davies, Heol Abergwaun, Hwlffordd.

Y Parch J. Gilbert Jones (Gweinidog o Hydref 1911 hyd ei farw Ionawr 1924 yn 42 mlwydd oed) oedd y gweinidog pan agorwyd Mynwent Llangloffan. Dadorchuddiwyd Tabled a Gatiau Coffa Y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf ym mis Mai 1922.

Mae gan Archifau Sir Benfro un copi o’r llyfryn bach hwn – tybed faint ohonynt sydd wedi goroesi? Oes gennych chi un yn eich cartref?

A small paperback book about the history of Llangloffan Chapel by Rev. Richard Edwards, Baptist Minister of Llangloffan, was published by W.H. John, Solva, 1932.

The book details the history of the chapel from early 18th century up to the time of publication, including the biographies of the chapel’s former ministers.

Rev. Evan Davies of Llangloffan from 1874 till his death December 1909) was the father of Vincent Davies who opened a small grocery store, known as ‘Pioneer Stores’, Bridge Street, Haverfordwest in 1906. Today, it is known as Vincent Davies Department Store (Est 1906), Fishguard Road, Haverfordwest.

Rev J. Gilbert Jones ( Minister from October 1911 till his death January 1924 aged 42 years) was minister when Llangloffan Cemetery was opened with the unveiling of the WW1 Memorial Tablet and Gates, in May 1922.

Pembrokeshire Archives has one copy of this little booklet – I wonder how many others still survive?  Do you have one in your home?

LLANGLOFFAN. “After undergoing a complete renovation at the hands of Messrs Gibbon, Evans, and George, painters and contractors, Fishguard, the Baptist Chapel at this place looks quite modern and will compare favourably with buildings erected in the present decade. During the renovation, the worshippers at his place have attended at Nebo, Mathry, and St Nicholas, but the time is drawing nigh when they shall again meet in the mother church at Llangloffan, for the re-opening services have been fixed for Tuesday and Wednesday, December 1st and 2nd, when some of the ‘stars’ of the Welsh pulpit will officiate.

The County Echo 29-10-1908

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