Tower Hill from Penslade

looking towards Tower Hill from Penslade
Henry Jackson- Ein Hanes

It is interesting to compare the two views of Tower Hill from Penslade around 130 years apart. The roofline of Pentwr Calvanistic Methodist Chapel dates the earlier photo to before 1889 as this was when the Chapel was remodelled.  Pentower appears to been built although The Towers are a later addition.

The modern image gives a very similar view although more trees are evident as is of course the wind turbine- electricity had not even arrived at Fishguard when the earlier photo was recorded.

The early photograph is attributed to Henry Jackson a photographer in Fishguard between 1870 – 1896. The photograph is part of an album which can be viewed at Ein Hanes.

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  • The house immediately in front of the chapel is my old family home and it’s interesting because I wondered when the large french window had been added. It looks as though it’s probably Victorian.

    By Liz Carnell (15/04/2023)

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