The delivery of the Gorsedd Stones

Loading the last stone at Bristgarn, Pencaer
Steaming up Gaswork's Hill
Refreshments at the Farmers Arms
Arriving at Penbanc

You might think that these photos relate perhaps to the National Eisteddfod held in Fishguard in 1936 but you would be wrong! Look closely and you will very likely see some faces that you recognise.  This was the delivery to Lota Park of the stones for the 1986 Eisteddfod.

In 1935, in readiness for the big event in August 1936, a traction engine owned by John Lewis was used to haul the stones to Penslade. 50 years later another engine also owned by John Lewis was used to deliver the stones for the Gorsedd Circle to Lota Park.  The traction engine, a Marshall Diamond built in 1899 had lain abandoned in a corner of a Mathry field since 1948.  Over a three year period the engine was lovingly restored to working condition by the Rees brothers of Llanrhian. Their engineering skills were very evident in the fact that the journey from Pencaer to Fishguard with her cargo aboard in June 1985, went without a hitch.

The first photo records the loading of the last stone at Bristgarn, Pencaer. Left to right in front of engine  Jimmy Morris; Raymond Llewellyn; Ronald Lewis; Jac Williams; Roy Morris; Len Johns; Graham Lewis; James Thomas; Howard Miles  and on the engine  Morgan Miles; Taff Rees; Robert Rees

The third image is taken on Fishguard Square where refreshments were provided by Mrs Joan Lewis, landlady of the Farmers Arms.

Wonder if the traction engine is still preserved today?

With special thanks to Dorian Rees for providing a link to a clip of film recording the event back in 1985          see     Fishguard Gorsedd Stones


This post is taken from an article which appeared in the County Echo in June 1985 – thanks to Keith Bean for looking after the newspaper cutting for all these years!


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  • The YouTube film, with its drama and celebration, is a treat to watch.
    Know, two of the twelve standing stones in Lota Park came from Bristgarn in Llanwnda, but does anyone know where the others came from?

    By Len Urwin (21/01/2023)
  • Here is the footage of the day:

    By Dorian Rees (11/09/2022)
  • Thanks for the correction – obviously the reporter in the County Echo in 1985 must have got it wrong!!

    By Hilary Roscoe (09/02/2022)
  • Firstly the Marshall traction engine Diamond (DE2516) was built in 1899, and was owned by John Lewis of Mathry his other engine a Fowler road locomotive ” Pride of Wales” (DE2515) pulled the 1935 Gorsedd Stone to Penslade not Diamond.

    By Nick Jones (09/02/2022)
  • Fab to see my Uncles in these photos, precious

    By Gaynor rees (08/02/2022)
  • Thank you – will amend the text!

    By Hilary Roscoe (08/02/2022)
  • It is Taff Rees and not Meff Rees on the engine. Just noticed!

    By Suzanne Meredith-Barrett (08/02/2022)
  • On the engine with Rob and Meff Rees is Morgan Miles from Croesgoch.

    By Suzanne Meredith-Barrett (07/02/2022)

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